The question always comes to mind, whatever the product or deal may be, especially during these times when information flow has become efficient and accessible to any individual who may have good or bad intentions. More so when it comes to financial deals as they involve direct exchange of currencies that now travel at the speed of light and made available through an efficient worldwide banking or financial network right at the next corner in any town via a convenience-shop’s teller machine. This modern convenience does have its ups and downs. You have the right to ask the question and to know the truth.

Cardonio does not merely deal with material or ideal objects but essentially with people who have precious lives to live, dear families to take care of, and important jobs or businesses to manage. Although there are individuals who find satisfaction in making life for others difficult, if not miserable, majority of people work hard to make life for others more convenient, as well as to build of this world a more comfortable place for all. Cardonio believes that having the convenience and freedom of undertaking one’s financial needs wherever one may be in the part of the world, at home or travelling abroad, is an advantage that our modern life has allowed us to achieve in order to free us from worries, as well as from dishonest parties who may come our way.

Cardonio allows the customer to use their card to make any payment against their cryptocurrency with a 90-day period to cover the expense. This allows the customer the advantage of keeping their account liquid while waiting for the maturity date. It also gives the advantage of gaining some profits from the increase in the exchange rate between one’s currency, say GBP to USD, on the transaction. All this is done without the customer being charged with fees or mark-ups, as in most credit card facilities. This alone should convince us that the risk is entirely upon the service-provider and not on the holder.

Cardonio aims to ride the flow of renewed global confidence in financial growth. Whatever obstacles may come along the way, it is ready and capable of protecting its customers and providing them with solutions that will help them achieve financial peace-of-mind, confidence and growth.

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